Three Franks Left to Right: Frank Maker Jr., Frank Maker III (Me), Frank Maker Sr.

I was born in Framingham, Massachusetts on May 4th, 1982. A few years later my family moved to Burrillville, Rhode Island. Burrillville is a rural bedroom community in northern Rhode Island. It is a heavily forested area which was once the home of many mills.

After graduating high school I matriculated at the University of Rhode Island in southern Rhode Island. I graduated from the International Engineering Program with a B.S. in Computer Engineering, B.A. in Germany and a minor in Physics. After graduation I moved to the northwestern suburbs of Chicago to work for Motorola Automotive.

A few years later, I left Illinois to enroll in graduate school at the University of California, Davis to study electrical engineering.

I am silly, funny, sometimes serious, honest, at times overzealous. I love cooking, racquetball, trying new things, snowboarding. I hate intolerance, ignorance, Pizza Hut and lazyness.


Contact information

Frank Maker
University of California, Davis
Graduate Student Researcher
flmaker at ucdavis dot edu